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Ippudo’s Seasonal Miso Akamaru Ramen - Chocolate infused Garlic oil Ramen

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Is it ramen? Is it a dessert? How could a chocolate infused garlic oil ramen possibly taste?! Read on to find out.

Ippudo Singapore’s Miso Akamaru Ramen ($17.50 before GST)

Ippudo Singapore has just launched their new seasonal favourite - a miso based tonkotsu ramen with cacao infused garlic oil. Curiosity definitely got the better of me. As a lover of chocolate and ramen respectively I just had to give it a shot.

The bowl comes with chashu, grounded sansho minced pork, half a ramen egg, negi & buttered sweet corn

Said to be a Winter favourite in Japan, the soup definitely has a warming effect. The tonkotsu broth on its own is thick and flavourful with fatty bits in it. It is a marriage of Ippudo’s original tonkotsu broth, uniquely blended with 4 types of red and white miso. Personally, the taste was a little too heavy for my liking. I needed to add loads of chili powder to cut through the heaviness and reach that sweet spot of miso umami.

Tonkotsu broth with a unique blend of 4 types of red & white Miso
Mich level of spicy - not for the faint of heart!

The Chocolate infused garlic oil or Cacao Koyu was such a surprising addition to your savoury bowl of ramen. There was no distinct chocolate taste, just a nuttiness and depth of flavour. Somewhat bitter, like a good high quality dark chocolate. It definitely added an extra oomph and was not sweet or like a dessert. As a garlic fan (you’ll see I’m a fan of many things..), I felt the cacao taste complemented the garlicky broth well.

Springy ramen noodles with a softer bite

The bowl comes with yellow springy noodles that catch the broth with each slurp. You can decide between soft or medium noodle texture.

Overall, I found the experience of trying a Chocolate infused ramen exciting and fun (can you say 自high?) The flavour combination was new but not so surprising that you would regret giving a shot. Do ask for chili powder on the side for best enjoyment of your bowl.

How do you feel about the unexpected blend of chocolate and ramen? Is this something you would try? I’d love to know. Let me know below!



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