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Chonky Black Chocolate Cookies

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Every home baker has their tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe, and after much trial and error, this is mine.

Chonky Black Chocolate Cookies

For fans of a chunkier cookie with crisp exterior and chewy interior - this recipe uses a large percentage of brown sugar (to keep it moist and chewy) and just a little white sugar.

My personal preference is to chop a chocolate I enjoy eating on its own into chunks to use as “chocolate chips”. Besides a well rested batter, the flavour of a good quality eating chocolate helps enhance the overall flavour of the cookie.

Read till the end where I’ll share some tips and tricks to ensure fail proof crowd-pleasing Chocolate Chip cookies!


113g Melted Salted Butter

100g Brown Sugar

40g White Sugar

1 Egg

1tsp Concentrated Coffee granules in hot water

1tsp Vanilla Extract

177g Plain flour

1/4tsp Baking Soda

130g Chocolate chunks

100g Hazelnuts (my favourite)


  1. Cream melted salted butter with brown and white sugar. Add egg.

  2. Melt 1tbs of instant coffee granules in hot water. We are making a Coffee concentrate. Add 1tsp of this to the wet ingredients. The coffee notes will help to bring out the chocolate taste.

  3. Add 1tsp vanilla extract. Fold in plain flour and baking soda. Throw in your mix ins - chopped chocolate chunks and nuts. Go wild.

  4. Cover your cookie batter with cling wrap and chill it overnight or up to 2 days. The longer it rests, the better the flavour develops.

  5. To bake, scoop 1/4cup of batter and roll into a ball. Bake at 185 degrees celcius for 13-15 minute. Let cool on wire rack and enjoy!

Bonus tips:

a) I’m a big fan of aging my cookie batter. It works the flavour into the dough. Try it with whatever cookie you make and taste the difference.

b) Roll the batter with the chunks on top, or push some pieces of chocolate and nuts onto it. It will bake prettier.

c) How round you roll your cookie dough before baking affects the spread of your cookie. There’s really no right or wrong, it’s all personal preference. A round ball will result in a compact thicker cookie, but flattening it slightly will result in a thinner cookie with more spread. It’s a minor detail but something you can play with to help bake the cookies you desire.

I love enjoying my cookies immediately after it’s baked. The warm, crisp cookie with moist interior + that “fresh out of the oven” smell permeating through my kitchen is a divine combination. Try it for yourself, and tell me what you think.



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